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1st Visit

Bonus Update:

Some of you who have been around here for awhile might remember this MILF. She was one of the most amazing cocksuckers I've seen and going to the Gloryhole to blow strangers was at the top of her bucket list. This chick craved cock like you wouldn't believe. She explains some of her adventures before the feeding frenzy begins.

I told this story before and I may have discussed it in a Forum thread but I'll rehash it here.

After this visit she couldn't wait to watch the video. I mean, she was blowing my phone up each day because she wanted to come back for more but knew you guys had to approve her first. This visit was in the update queue to be posted and when it finally went up I sent her a text to let her know. I didn't get a reply so I kept trying. I even called her a few times to let her know but I kept getting voicemail. A few weeks later I got an email from her ex-b/f who dropped a bomb on me by letting me know that she had a seizure in the shower that killed her. He told me how much she loved this experience but he wasn't sure how her family would react and she wasn't around to defend her actions. So, out of respect for her family I removed the video.

A few weeks ago me and a buddy were talking about all these celebrities dying lately and for some reason it made me think or her. I told him the story and he asked me why I would remove something she loved doing and was amazing at when no one removes movies or music after actors or musicians pass so how is this any different. He made a valid point.

This was something she loved doing and she would have returned many times so why not keep her memory alive and remember her when she was doing something she loved. I think she would want to be remembered this way and when you watch this video you'll see what I mean. In her honor, I remastered this video to the best of my abilities and she looks amazing!

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