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I've been trying to get these two sets of Dick Sucking Lips together in the Gloryhole booth for months now and finally made it happen! One is still a teen and the other is a MILF so it was a good combo. Both are excellent cocksuckers and drained each guy quickly and effortlessly.

In their honor, I created a new tag called "Harmonica Blowjob". I'm not sure if that's a real thing already or not but it's the best why I can describe a blowjob when a girl is on each side of the same dick paying it like a harmonica. They did it a few times and it was incredibly effective in making guys shoot big loads fast. Once you see their full lips wrapped around the cocks you'll see why.

Both girls are eager for a return visit for more cum.

Best Member Comments:

"Separately, together, doesn't matter, both of them need to come back."

"Lord have mercy, she is a godsend...! Best looking girl on this site for sure!"

"Another home run my brother!"

"this is why I’m a member forever"

"I’ll fly out for a return visit !!!! Gorgeous specimen of filth."

"Harmonica blowjob is best thing I've ever seen, please do MORE of these!!!"

"Amazing!!! girls were hot !!! bring them back together and alone. Theather room too!!!"

"You got the best site on the internet Dave"

"Some of the best dickmonica playing I've seem in years."

"Dave, I fucking love this site and I love the idea that these girls are real and their reactions are real."

"The dick harmonica is far more stimulating than the typical blowjobs on the site. You could make whole videos on it, fuck, a whole website on it. It's a whole new frontier of porn, if you want to claim your piece of it."

"Great stuff Dave. Seriously! Very good stuff! These chicks put a hella of a scene when swallowing that load. Love how they show it before it goes down the hatch."

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