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Her hubby deserves a medal for sharing his beautiful wife with the world and allowing me to borrow her for a day at the Gloryhole. She wasn't always a freak but I won't get into that here, you guys can watch her interview to get the whole story.

This is the first time I've ever seen a girl do a DP at the Gloryhole. It seems easy enough when you watch the pros do it but her biggest challenge was to keep the guys from cumming too soon. She tried fluffing several guys and they blew their loads before she could get two dicks in her. She finally got a few guys who already busted their nuts earlier so they were ready for ass and pussy fucking at the same time. She's no stranger to being air tight as you've seen in the private videos I posted on the Forum so she was more than ready to get filled.

I've taken so happy girls to the Gloryhole but this girl is truly in heaven with random dicks in her. The eyes don't like so wait until you see her expressions when she gets a cock in her face, pussy or ass. The crazy part is she can keep going like the energizer bunny. One of these days I'm going to find out how many cocks it would take to make her tap out. I'm guess I would tap out from holding the camera before she would which is scary hot!

Best Member Comments:

"12 out of 10 Dave, jesus fucking christ"

"She’s a dream MILF, an uninhibited fucking machine, looks fabulous, and takes it anyway someone wants to give it to her. I hope we get to see a lot of this hottie!"

"I've been a member of this page for probably 5 or so years and this was the pinnacle of your artwork."

"This is the best performance by one girl on GHS. Wow"

"OMG! This has got to be the Best one ever! "

"Homerun, Dave. She is a goddess. This is the woman we fantasize about."

"Jawdropping, been very excited for this visit and yeah its its lived up to the hype."


"DAVE!! Holy crap, man....now THIS is why I keep my membership going. 10/10"

"For Fucks Sake Dave! Those camera angles were SUPERB. Fuck man those little peaks and the top side angles fuck Dave. She was amazing but you made it look even sweet from those angles god damn. She needs to come back and keep doing what you doing with that camera it really makes a difference."

"Goddamn Dave. Your site just gets better and better. She is AMAZING."

"Great update.This chick is top 5 all time to me ,she really loves cock and seems open to any type of play with a smile on her face .you can feel her enjoyment by the way she services every cock that it's just as much for her as it is the cock she taking on.I'm willing to bet she's willing to come to the HOLE often if not everyday.Great Great Find Dave thanks for all your hard work. Ps Bring her right back soon she's a sure no miss."

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