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My least favorite thing to do is write visit descriptions. I make a better big dumb monkey holding a camera than I do writing erotica. Having said that, I figured I should add some back story to this girl and these two visits.

She was very nervous about trying this but after weeks of chatting I finally convinced her that she is in good hands and can handle it. To be honest, her main concern was that she was never with a black guy before and that kind of freaked her out a bit. I told her she can pick and choose which dicks she wants to suck and fuck. Some guys show up with bad hygiene and a few girls have rejected them which they should so it was not big deal for girls to choose.

Her first visit went great even though she felt that was her limit. I disagreed and thought she could handle a lot more so after weeks of chatting I convinced her to go again and try to handle more dicks.

During the visit I noticed her demeanor change a bit but couldn't figure out why. She has sultry body language so I figured that was it but noticed it more with the black dicks. I stopped a few times to ask her if she was ok and she said yes but I could tell something was up. At one point she just shut down on me and started crying so we left the booth and went into the TR to chat. That's when she told me she was really struggling with the BBC's. I told her she should stop but that made her feel worse because she enjoys pleasing men.

She composed herself and despite my suggestion, she went back into the booth to keep getting guys off. This was partly my fault because she made it clear during her first visit that she thought she might have an issue. I talk to a lot of girls each week and I honestly forgot about her concerns until she told me. I'm sure I had the "Oh Shit!" look on my face.

That's the back story and here she is, doing her best to please.

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