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Mallory's 4th Visit

Mallory's blowjob skills get better each time I take her to the Gloryhole and I have to say that she gives the sloppiest blowjobs I've seen so far. Her mouth gets so wet that I can't tell if it's her or the guy shot his load already. You'll see what I mean when she's blowing that big black cock in the theater room while she's getting fucked from behind. There was white stuff everywhere.

This was her first time in the theater room and I think she's hooked. She loved getting fucked by the guy so much that she asked for his number. I haven't talked to her since so I'm curious to find out how that went and if they hooked up.

She must have been horny today because she was down for letting anyone fuck her and she got nailed several times. Every guy said the same thing, that's she has an extremely tight wet pussy. During one visit awhile ago, some guy couldn't even get his dick in her because she was too tight.

There were a lot of spectators in the theater room watching the action but most were too shy to get in the action and waited until I took her into the Gloryhole booth before making their deposit. That didn't stop her from fucking though and she got dicked a few more times. Like a good cum dumpster, she made sure she gobbled the goo out of the freshly used condoms. It was another fine day at the Gloryhole!

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